We believe that God answers believers’ prayers.

If you have someone or something that you would like us to pray for please do get in touch.

We also believe that prayer is essential for the work of our church. Please pray for us!

A prayer for this season

God of all creation
who inhabits every season
grant us your peace

When we are frightened
gift us the knowledge of your presence

When we are ill
gift us the cradle of your love

When we are overwhelmed
gift us your vision and perspective

Gift us compassion
for those who struggle

Gift us wisdom
to know how to love our neighbour

Gift us integrity
in our words and in our actions

Sustain us
teach us
use us

As we walk through this season
with the One who will never
have to self-distance.

©️Rachel Poolman – used by kind permission.
St Cuthbert’s Day 2020