Set-Up Notes for Visiting Preachers

There are three systems of equipment in the church that you may wish to use when taking a service:

  • The PA and CD player
  • The PC and monitor screens for PowerPoint presentations
  • The Accompanist machine (if a musician is not available)

 PA and CD Player 

  1. Switch on the power at both sockets at the back of the church under the balcony on the right hand side of the boxed in unit.
  2. Switch on the amplifier. The CD player will come on with some quiet music.
  3. On the amplifier the volume controls are: Mic 1 – Lectern microphone, Aux 2 – CD music volume, Mic 3 – Lapel microphone. Please wear the lapel microphone.
  4. To turn off the music, use the controls on the CD player or use the remote control that is on the lectern.
  5. At the end of the service turn off the amplifier and then turn off the sockets.

The PC and Monitor Screens 

  1. Turn on the socket for the PC unit and monitor, which are on the kitchen/piano side of the platform at the front of the church.
  2. Press start button on PC and turn on the main monitor with the remote control, which is on the ledge at the front of the pulpit.
  3. To turn on the auxiliary monitor by the lectern, turn on the socket switch by the organ.
  4. Insert your memory stick into the extension socket which is located on the narrow ledge running along the middle of the pulpit’s front.
  5. To find your files, open My Computer, where your memory stick will be listed. Open the memory stick drive and, for best results, copy your PowerPoint file to the desktop.
  6. Click on your PowerPoint file on the desktop to open PowerPoint, and then run the slide show from the Slide Show menu item.
  7. There is a “clicker” (bright pink) to change pages/screens that is kept in a black pouch under the lectern.  If it is used please remove the battery from it at the end of the service to conserve power.
  8. Please note that any text in PowerPoint will have to be prepared in 44 point font or larger in order for the congregation to be able to read it.
  9. At the end of the service, exit from PowerPoint and use the Windows exit procedure to close down the computer.  Remove your USB stick from the extension socket, turn off the main monitor using the remote control, and turn off the power at the socket.
  10. To turn off the auxiliary monitor by the lectern, turn off the socket switch by the organ.

The Accompanist

A) Basic Method

  1. Turn on the power socket by the organ.
  2. Turn on the powered speaker with the on/off rocker switch on the back.
  3. The powered speaker should be set at the correct volume, but the volume can be adjusted by means of the five-band graphic equalizer on the back of the speaker.  Please note that there is no single volume control, but there are five separate volume controls to adjust each of five different frequency ranges (bass to treble) on the graphic equalizer.
  4. Turn on the on/off rocker switch on the back of the accompanist.
  5. Select “Play List” on the touch screen.  If a play list has already been programmed in, then select the list.
  6. Press “Play” to start the music. When the song is finished it will move to the next tune.
  7. To finish, exit the playlist by pressing the back button to take you back to the list of playlists and from there you exit to the main screen by pressing the back button again.  Turn off the accompanist, the powered amp and finally the two sockets at the wall.

B) To Create and Edit a New Playlist

  1. From the main menu press “Edit Playlist”. The “Select Playlist” screen will appear.
  2. If there are stored lists already they will show up in a numbered sequence.
  3. Press “New” to create a new playlist.  The “Play List Edit” screen will then appears.
  4. Press “Add” and the “Hymn Select” screen will appear.
  5. Enter the required hymn number from the Master Index List book and then press “Next”
  6. Select the introduction button. Check that the number of verses matches the number of verses in the hymn book. Add or subtract numbers of verses if required.
  7. Check the pitch and move up or down if necessary.
  8. Press Next again and this will store the hymn in the playlist. This will then bring you back to the “Play List Edit” screen and you can repeat the sequence and add another hymn to the list.
  9. Press Next to finish editing and return to the main menu.
  10. Select “Play List” to play songs in the service (see Basic Method above for details).