February 2019

Originally published in the King’s Stanley Magazine.

What is it that we have lots of, but never enough of?

One answer would be time.

Sometimes we think, “I’ve all the time in the world.” We feel that we can relax and enjoy ourselves, only to discover that “time is running out!”

We also know that some things that we “spend” time on are seen by others as “a waste of time,” and vice-versa. We also attempt to “save time,” as if we could.

Christians spend or waste (depending on your point of view) some of their time in worship. As it happens, I have not been able to go to church for the last two weeks before “finding the time” to start writing this. What, if anything, did I miss?

Firstly, the people – meeting friends, exchanging news and pleasantries.

Next, being challenged in some way or other and reminded of the world beyond my own narrow horizons. I would have hoped to have thought, “I enjoyed that!” as I departed.

The modern word “worship” in English is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning to acknowledge someone’s “worth”. “Worship” and “worth” are related, and it certainly seems worthwhile to me “spend” time giving thanks and praise to the one we believe is our Creator.

I am reminded at this point that years ago someone said that worship is a transaction, that something is supposed to happen. “The simplest analysis of the worship transaction is to say that humans worship God and God blesses humans.”

Sitting here on a Monday morning writing this it seems a tremendous cheek to advocate an activity such as Christian worship when you know full well that only about 10% of the population “go to church.” Yet it has been said that everyone worships somehow or other anyway. The question then becomes, “Is it worth it? Is it time well spent?”

The invitation in one of the psalms is to “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34 v8)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May my sign-off of “God  bless” take on a fresh meaning in your life as you venture further into 2019.

Robert Draycott (Rev)

About Robert Draycott

After training at Regent's Park College Oxford for the Baptist Ministry I was ordained in 1976. My first Church was Wollaston in Northamptonshire. Then our whole family moved to Brasil where I served with the BMS in a variety of roles including teaching Theology and Biblical studies in Campo Grande. From 1992 -2010 I was Chaplain and Head of RS at Eltham College. I was Interim Minister of Eltham URC 2012-14, before moving to Gloucester in 2015.
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